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Before there was Gentlemen’s Cove, there was France. There were shoes. And there was a groomer.

A man who was well kept, confident, and took up shoe shining to earn his living. In 2016, Daniel Harvey sat in his chair and noticed the brightness in the groomer’s eyes and the wit behind his jokes. This was a man who was proud of his trade. A man who had managed to expand beyond shoe shining to beard-trimming and dry cleaning over the course of 42 years.

For the next 10 minutes, the two exchanged jokes, asked questions, and discussed business, friends, and family. Eventually, the pair landed on the topic of men’s fashion. One the groomer couldn’t be any more familiar with.

When Mr. Harvey asked the groomer why he chose this trade, his answer was as elegant and polished as his work: “Je prépare des hommes d'affaires.” He was making men of business – preparing gentlemen for whatever awaited them for the day.

“Il y a deux sortes d'hommes,” he said. “Gentlemen who maintain a pristine condition from head to toe,” he continued in English, “and those who only play the part.” How could the groomer tell? “The shoes, mon ami. Gentlemen don’t forget the shoes.”

He served to those who took pride in their appearance. And in doing so unknowingly gave rise to Gentleman’s Cove.

Daniel Harvey went on to found Gentlemen’s Cove, made for the modern day gentlemen who don’t forget their shoes.

To the nameless man I met in Paris – bien joué, mon ami.

Je n'oublierai pas.


Founder  |  Daniel Harvey


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