Accessories Every Classy Man Needs

Accessories Every Classy Man Needs

  • Daniel Harvey

Even though you should never judge a book by its cover, it’s undeniable that you can tell a lot about a man’s character from the way he dresses and carries himself. A neat, put-together and sophisticated outfit indicate a classy man who likes to make a statement with his appearance. You can make your outfit ten times classier by accessorizing it right as there are some accessories that never go out of style. There’s no better store to find these timeless accessories than Gentlemen’s Cove. To make the job easier for you, we’ve browsed through our wide range of products and picked out the top 5 accessories that we think every classy man needs.

#1 Casual Baseball Hat

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Gentlemen are very particular about their clothing and although it’s often proper and formal, there’s nothing like a plain old baseball cap to help them out on one of their casual days out. This Camouflage Adjustable Dad Cap by Gentlemen’s Cove is the perfect fit for those days when you don’t want to spend time on your hair or just want to go for a classic Enrique Iglesias look.

#2 Stylish Sunglasses

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We agree with the Gentlemen’s Gazette when they say sunglasses aren’t only for practical use, they’re a way to showcase your style and approach. This pair of Chapman Polarized Sunglasses is an embodiment of class and a necessity for any gentlemen’s outfit. Just remember, a gentlemen never wears sunglasses indoors or at night.

#3 An Informal Wristwatch

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It’s hard to imagine a true gentleman without a timeless watch, pun intended, decorating his wrist at any event. Although it’s no hassle to check your phone for the time, a wristwatch is essential as it portrays punctuality and unmatchable sophistication, both traits that a gentleman has. There’s no better option than choosing Gentlemen’s Cove’s Markus Small Leather Watch for this purpose.

#4 A Classic Black Leather Belt

Get your Classic Black Leather Belt by clicking here.

Belts are important for when you don’t want to look like Justin Bieber in 2011, but avoiding an even slightly mismatched belt is even more important. In that case, you can never go wrong with a classic black leather belt, much like this Marshall Genuine Leather Belt by Gentlemen’s Cove, to show off your good taste and aestheticism.

#5 An Eye Catching Wallet

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Keeping an eye catching yet sophisticated wallet is the best way to keep your cash and cards organized while looking breathtakingly classy. We cannot stress how important is to avoid a worn out, overstuffed and just an overall lousy looking wallet as a wallet is an accessory which binds your outfit together. We recommend this Hendrix Leather Wallet by Gentlemen’s Cove, as it spacious, vintage, and classy.


In Summary

Gentleman’s Cove has an endless variety of timeless accessories, clothes, shoes, and bags which we think every gentlemen should get his hands on. The importance of a sophisticated outfit to showcase your personality and preferences is undeniable and there’s no better way to do so than styling yourself according to our list of 5 accessories that every classy man needs.



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